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Thought I'd get all of the information I needed out in one thread, so here goes.

1. I'd like pics of NP205 cases and NP203 cases, and the size of yokes they use (I know I could've searched but I'm tired) :flipoff2:

2. Years of vehicles that the 14B FF came behind

3. Years that front Chevy D60's came in and the years that the Ford HD D60 came with

4. The years that Ford offered the 460ci engine with the Duraspark II or Breakerless ignition system (looking for something simple)

5. Trade in value for a 1974 Ford Front Dana 60 with Closed Knuckles (see how much money I can get out of this so I can put it toward the correct year this time)

6. Please point out the difference between the Ford 302, 351w, and 351m, so that I may identify them easily when I head to the junkyard within this next week.

Appreciate the help (I know they're simple questions but I'm still learning everything I can). :grinpimp:
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