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Ok so a serious financial problem came up and I am being forced to sell all of this...I need this stuff to sell quickly....Please pm me with any questions...

RE 4.5" coils---$100
RE adjustable trackbar RE1600---$100
RE UCA's RE3781---$100
RE UCA's NEW RE3781---$125
RE Front and rear SS brakelines---$75
RE 1.5" lift blocks---$20
RE SF LCA's RE3700---$125
RE Front ss brakelines NEW---$50 Pending
RE Gen 2 Discos RE1141---$75
Trailmaster drop brackets NEW---$175
Trailmaster 3" AAL NEW---$30
Homebrew leafs with RE aal and another xj leaf 4"-5" of lift---$100
4 procomp es3000 shocks 2 are painted. They are dirty but work great 17" compressed 28" extended---$50
Deaver G9 4" packs---$400

I dont have pictures of the new arms and brakelines or deavers yet...

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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