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Going to a thicker oil is not gonna fix your oil pressure problem. Typical oil pressure on a V6,8 is 40 idle 60 run. If your reading lower on an ACCURATE guage then it means that your motor is wearing out.

If your pressure is uniformly lower throughout the rpm range then it's wear on anything but the rods and mains. If it's low and doesn't change through the rpm range then is the rods and main bearings.

When a motor is new the clearances are tight and resistance to flow is good (pressure). As the lifter bores and bearings wear resistance drops and flow increases. This is your first sign that something is up...soon you'll get to a point where oil pump flow is at a max and you have very low pressure.

Thicker oil will get the pressure up so you think everything is fine, but in reality your not flowing enough oil because the fluid is too thick. You'll hear much more start-up noise and you'll end up spinning bearings if you take the motor to high rev's.

Now, don't go thinking that your motor is gonna shit the bed soon it's prolly got a couple of years in it, but don't be surprised if the bearings spin or it starts sounding like you have rocks under the valve cover.

Correct fix: Rebuild the motor.
Cheap fix: Get a high volume oil pump.
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