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Accidentally posted in vendor form... moved to correct form and updated pics

Its a blazer frame, linked upfront 63 springs rear. Dana 60 / 14 bolt. 4.88 gears spool rear mechanical locker front. Yukon chromos with 35 spline stubs and drive flanges. Full hydro psc, reid knuckles. Propane 350 Th400HD NWF 203/205 Doubler clocked flat. Propane lets it run upside down. Triple stick shifter, sidewinder for trans. Front lights, interior lights and rock lights. Bangin stereo. Gauges work back lighting comes on with front lights. Dual optima yellow tops. 12500 winch with synthetic line. Onboard air with 3? gallon tank. New 4 core radiator keeps it right at 180 on a hot day. This rig has been all over the state and done almost everything at table mesa (still working on the driver mod). Its been in better cosmetic shape and the doubler leaks a little but it is mechanically solid. Front axle and 205 outputs just got resealed so only leakage comes from shift rails. Not the prettiest but shes damn reliable. Its always been wheeled on 36 iroks but the 39 boggers on fresh beadlocks will go with it to sweeten the deal (havent been scratched or wheeled yet). Also comes with 5 propane tanks and spare parts like ujoints, coils, histeer arms, a spare driveshaft, spare axle shaft, and some other stuff. Title is clean, but it wont ever be street legal again. Bring cash. Happy to answer all questions. Thanks.

Located in Phoenix AZ
[email protected] is best way to reach me. PM for phone number
7K obo will deliver within 30 min of phoenix for full price
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