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Lowest Leaf Sprung Wrangler

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Who has the lowest COG Wrangler WITH LEAFS?

Looking for ideas to lower mine. So far, Hi lining the hood, and making a flat belly skid plate are on the list....
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It depends on your definition of "low" and that depends on the decade you're dealing with. Up until the last few years I'd say all of us running 38-42" tall tires with just a SOA lift is pretty low. I measured mine out and I'm only at 6.5" of suspension lift with 42" tall tires. My Jeep still fits through my garage door as long as the top is folded down. Now that might not be crazy low by the modern day standard, but a lot of that IMHO is just fad anyways. I am planning on lowering my Jeep down a few inches but as it stands its been plenty stable for me.
Anybody remember the 80's when you needed 12" of lift and 4 shocks on every corner just for 35's? :D

If I remember right, we measured 24 or 26 to the belly on my YJ on 43's. Could have gotten the front lower easilly, but don't know how we could get the rear any lower. Frenched the springs and everything in the rear.
Thats about where I want to be. I don't want anything less than 24" of belly height. You can have your Jeep as close to the ground as you want, but its pointless if you just get hung up on anything bigger than a speed bump or healthy curb.
Another thing to remember is that a tall roof doesn't necessarily mean a high center of gravity. Everything of weight on my rig is either right onto of the frame or lower. The few pieces of DOM above my head aren't going to raise my COG in comparison to the cast iron t-case between the frame rails. My jeep has always been about 2" wider than tall with all of the weight being at around the same height as the drivetrain. I have flopped it, but that was after having my driver side tire fall off the side of a 4ft ledge I was trying climb. Other than that it's been very stable.

I'm going for about 4" of suspension lift over stock, which translates into about a 2.5" - 3" drop from it's current setup. I've also raised my driveline completely above my frame so I should actually gain belly clearance.

84" on 37's??? That is pretty tall. Do you know the suspension setup or did you buy it as is? Sounds like SOA with lift springs to me. I'm not that tall on 42's. I guess it depends on where you're measuring too. I measure from the top of the windshield frame. I think the top of my b-hoop is a bit taller than that.

Terrain makes a big difference but my neighbors YJ on 37's w/ a 100" WB works really well in CO and SD. He says for Moab he's like a longer WB. His is SOA on some RE SOA springs and stock width terra60's. I think he has a 1" body lift too and a fairly tucked up (though not flat) belly. Not sure exactly what his height is though. I could ask.
Well if you looked in my thread you can see I was able to raise my drivetrain (even with the big pan of the AW4) above the bottom of the frame with no body lift. All it takes is a "little" bit of floor removal. :)

I'm also planning on raising the motor mounts.

Go to stock or simple SOA leafpacks and lose the body lift and you'll easily be down 4". Then add in traction bars to control axle wrap.
I'll be putting mine on scale here eventually, but my guess is in the 5,000lb range.
A lot of truth there, and a badass looking rig for sure. Leafsprings can flex though, I use up every bit of the 12" travel my shocks have.

One thing I like about leafsprings though is that you are always on your springs. No worries of coils dropping out etc. No need for limit straps, almost no need for bump stops, built in progressive rating, and simple. My neighbor has schooled many a linked rig with his SOA YJ. He knows how to work it too, so thats a lot of it.
A coil spring jeep would drop the tire in the hole, no problems.
No, the suspension will unload and send him toppling backwards. :laughing: Leafsprung rigs don't need suck down winches. :flipoff2:
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