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Lowest Leaf Sprung Wrangler

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Who has the lowest COG Wrangler WITH LEAFS?

Looking for ideas to lower mine. So far, Hi lining the hood, and making a flat belly skid plate are on the list....
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I am going to give my opinion even though he didn't ask for it.How low are you trying to go?Too low and you drag everywhere.Try to keep the belly around 22" or so.I am at 22" to lowest point on 38's.SOA on 47" chevy front springs in front and a hybrid YJ pack SOA in the rear.It often drags.I am planning on going to 42's so that should get it up where I want it.If you build wide it won't be top heavy.
I am at 108" wheelbase.76" to the tallest point on cage.I cut the hell out of my floor.My frickin huge SM465 still hangs an inch below the frame rails.
I haven't yet.I was planning on it when it had the BBC 454 in it.But never got around to it.I am currently swapping in a sbc 406.I raised the whole drivetrain 4".The sm465 was sitting at 18" to the bottom.I wanted it higher for more clearance and to get a flatter belly.It now sits at 22" and 23 to the frame.T-case is above frame.I will be running a skid from the motor mounts to behind the t-case.
Did I raise the COG probably.But I am not worried about the so much as the clearance gained.My old CJ was at 24" to the frame with a flat belly and I still drug over shit.
1 - 3 of 64 Posts
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