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Lowest Leaf Sprung Wrangler

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Who has the lowest COG Wrangler WITH LEAFS?

Looking for ideas to lower mine. So far, Hi lining the hood, and making a flat belly skid plate are on the list....
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If I remember right, we measured 24 or 26 to the belly on my YJ on 43's. Could have gotten the front lower easilly, but don't know how we could get the rear any lower. Frenched the springs and everything in the rear.
Well said Duthvdub, I hope this doesn't turn into another lame ass thread with people taking pictures of their rigs sitting on the bumps. How about seing some low COG rigs with minimum 4" to the bumps and big tires.
We have 2 or 3 to the bump and then 4 inches of bump travel in the front. I think we have 4 to the bump in the rear and then 2 inches of bump travel.
Something to note, if you want to be really nice and low, you will need to be well skid plated. My belly skid stretches from the rear of the front spring to the front of the rear springs, with notches for the driveshafts. I still need to do a bit more skidplating due to the oil pan being exposed, smashed the hell out of it on the last trip.
That's why I don't fully understand this new super low fad. It might work in some areas but I have a lot of jagged rock chunks I wheel in...not nice smooth slick rock. It really can rip a ton of stuff up on the bottom and I hate smashing my crap on stuff all the time.
What I have noticed is that many people raise the drive line more and more till they have everything above the frame rails so they can get a flat belly for more clearance. Then they lower the rig down to get the "look" they want.

Ok, if it's for the look, then just say it's for the look. But don't move hundreds of pounds up higher in the rig and go through all the work to chop up the floor to make it work......and in the process making your COG worse......just to come back and lower the rig to get the COG back.

All this COG stuff is anecdotal anyway. I have yet to see anyone that actually knows for sure that raising the motor and trans 3 or 4 inches and lowering the rig 2 inches actually made the COG better.
If you raise the DT 2”, then lower the whole rig down 2”, you have effectively put the drive train back in the same spot, and lowered everything else down around it.
How is that not, lowering your center of gravity (while keeping your belly height the same)?
Our sport is a game of inches, a lot of the time, so that small amount of clearance, and that small reduction in COG is a big deal, and worth it, to a lot of folks to gain.
True. But the end result is not a lower COG....it's a flatter belly with the same COG....but maybe not even the same. Might still be worse. There are no numbers to support that lifting the drivetrain 2 inches and lowering the rig 2 equates to anything. It's better than not lowering it....but not a guarantee. You might gain belly, but the overall COG could actually be slightly worse. It's a trade off.

And it all depends on the rig. A rig running a d30 and d35 on 35's will have a different COG than the same rig on tons and 43x14.5's even if the belly is in the same spot. Heck, the rig on 43's might even have a better COG if the belly was higher just because of the added weight.

In my wheelin area, I have run into more belly clearance and diff clearance issues than anything else. I would like my new rig lower just simply because of looks but I just can't get it any lower. And if it were any lower, the rear tires would hit the body. At full flex I have less than 1 inch of clearance in the rear.

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I can't find the right words to explain it. I am not claiming to be smarter than anyone though. But going on rough "total mass" numbers is just wrong. You might be moving the whole 1525 down 2 inches, but where is the COG in that 1525? Is a large chunk of it high from the cage, seats, top and tools? Might be, depends on the rig Then you move that 750 from the drivetrain into that zone and it "may"...."could"....negatively alter COG.

Like others have said....it really depends on the rig and the components.
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