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While sand dunes and mud bogs require high revs, street duty and trail riding typically has the engine loping around just barely off idle. What you need to figure out is where you want the compromise to be. Try picking the cam based on the rev range you're after.

It would also be a good idea to consider your internal parts...rod bolts & rods, valvetrain..ect. The more aggressive your cam is the more expensive these upgraded parts will cost you.

If it were me, in a heavy ass truck like you describe with 37's and having an all-around off road truck...I'd look at cams similar to the Comp Cams XR269. Something in the 21x/22x range with a 1500-6200ish rev range. Just upgrade your valve springs and push rods.

COMP Cams: XFI™ RPM, XR269HR <BR> Great Mid-Range w/ Superior Top End Power, Needs Computer Modifications
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