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Maimi classic for beretta 92fs and AMS rifle case

Ive got a Galco shoulder rig for beretta 92fs, it is in new condition. Still in the bag. Its been worn once or twice in my apartment only (never carried, never outside) and then put back in the bag. It has the holster, the suspenders and the 2 mag pouch. I decided to sell my 92 so I don't need the holster for it anymore. Its $172 new, but I'll take $100 shipped for it. My loss it your gain.

The Image below is off the galco site, this is an example of the setup. I can take a picture of the actual rig if you want.

AMS "assault rifle" case, the size is 44in. Retail on this was around $50. It has 5 mag pockets, and one zippered pocket. Used, but it good condition. Theres a bit of gun oil marks on the inside from storage but it is nothing that effects the bag itself.(See the pics below) I bought this for my mini-14 but it holds a 20" AR perfectly.

$40 shipped, or $35 ftf in W. Washington

I can take discrete paypal +3%
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