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Hi, For anyone interested in moving parts I'm leaving from Maine on 10/10 for the Tampa Bay area and returning around 10/15. I am completely loaded with cars but have room for a couple of engines (3), transmissions (4), axles (2), or other automotive parts.

Going South I will or can do pick ups & delivers in ME, MA, VT, CT, NJ, DL, PA, NY, NC, SC, KY, TN, MS, LA, AR, and I'm sure a few other States, The return trip will pretty much cover the same States. When I am loaded with cars like this time my rates are much lower for the parts on the same trailer.

When in doubt call - if you have any questions you can call my office (207) 333-3883 or Fax (207) 376-3361. Hope to hear from anyone that needs or service.

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