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I have tried researching here and can't come up with any threads. I know there have been a couple of the "klune" clone's made and have seen the topics posted here, but I can't seem to find any of the old threads. I have seen desertCJ's underdrive unit in the vendor's section, but it is not available to mate to a 31 spline Ford.

I am looking to see close up pic's of the planetaries and the inside of the box. I have a machinist friend who works for very cheap $$$ and would like to have him make me one. I intend to make the housing out of aluminum, the planetaries and such from a chevy 241 tcase (I need the 27 spline input) and then double it up to a Ford 205. I am planning to run one of JED's machining doublers until this get's made. If you have any link's to a custom made one or if you have done this project, please post up with any info, pic's, result's etc... It would be much appreciated. Or if you have a Chevy 241 with a 27 spline input PM me, all I needis the front half. :D

Thanks in advance (and if this needs to be moved to noobie, sorry)

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