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The 208 you have now(2.61) has a better crawl ratio than the 205(1.96). The 205 however is bombproof while I would relate the 208 closer to an eggshell.

I agree with tenpack go with something simple for the rear locker and save some cash. Whatever you get make sure it replaces your carrier.

Lifted trucks the get used hard or are heavy in the front tend to bottom out the front leaf pack on the frame rail, makes for a hard ride. Longer shackle solves the problem but makes shackle angle even worse that it already is. If you have time fab a new front mount and make a longer front shackle/ run lower lift springs like 2" instead of 4" or 6" you will get more flex and a much better ride. There are some articles about putting 53" and larger springs up front for the same purposes.

Good luck to you.

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