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Martial Law monster truck chassis. I have owned this truck for 5 years and have been competing with it full time. We built a new truck so we don't need this one anymore. It is 2 inch x .120 wall tube frame with 3 inch main rails. The rollcage was put on last year.

NOTE: THIS IS ONLY THE TUBE FRAME CHASSIS. All other parts have been sold, reused, or scrapped.

I had a lot of fun with this truck the last 5 years. It has competed in some of the biggest stadiums, such as Reliant Stadium in Houston, Chase Field in Phoenix, Olympic Stadium in Montreal, the Alamodome in San Antonio, and the Metrodome in Minneapolis. I ran it full time on the Monster Jam circuit and ran with other various promoters the remainder of the year. We ran it roughly 10 months out of the year non-stop. It has motorplates for a big block chevy and a powerglide. I have run a ford, hemi, and a chevy in it and always used the same motor mounts. I just made different plates for the different brands.

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