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Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or similar shelter) for the past month, you’ve no doubt come across pictures, video, commentary, and speculation regarding the Maverick X3 Max. While initial opinions from the internet crowd seemed to be mixed, we have the full scoop, as we spent this past weekend with the Max in Glamis for a bit of hard testing.

For our test outing, we brought along multiple units, including 2 and 4 seat variants of the 2017 Can-Am Maverick X3 and the 2017 Polaris RZR XP Turbo. We drove them all back to back to gather our initial impressions, and filled each car with passengers to get feedback from the seats that don’t come with a wheel and pedals. What we discovered will undoubtedly shock a lot of naysayers- the Maverick X3 Max is a championship contender.

Starting with a good platform is the key to any successful vehicle. Based on the brand-new Maverick X3, the Max sees an absolutely massive 33 inch wheelbase stretch, lengthening the vehicle overall by that same margin. For comparison, the XP4 Turbo is stretched 27 inches.

Here’s how they all shake out:

XP TURBO (2 seat)
Length: 119 inches
Wheelbase: 90 inches

MAVERICK X3 X DS (2 seat)
Length: 131 inches
Wheelbase: 102 inches

XP4 TURBO (4 seat)
Length: 146 inches
Wheelbase: 117 inches

Length: 164.4 inches
Wheelbase: 135 inches

As you can see, the Maverick X3 Max is a full foot and a half longer than an XP4 Turbo in both wheelbase and overall length. This may pose a problem for those with toy haulers that don’t have 14 feet of cargo space. The extra length is immediately identifiable as passenger compartment space- the X3 Max has far more interior room than any multi-passenger UTV on the market today. All four seats are adjustable, with more legroom in the rear passenger compartment than most mid-sized sedans. The good? Even tall or bulky passengers will fit in the back seat of the X3 with incredible levels of comfort. Your knees won’t be knocking against the backside of the front seat, and there are even angled foot holds in the rear compartment to help passengers brace themselves. Can-Am went above and beyond with the area allocated for passengers, so if you are looking to haul adults in the back seat, take notice.


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I've had a 72" on my lift and around the property. It's made for sand. I don't favor it in the trees, but the owner bought it for sand and said it eats up the dunes. Not super impressed with a arm/front upper shock attachment points, but but they had to save that weight somewhere.
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