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Max II

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So most people won’t know what the hell it is, but it’s an amphibious 6 wheel drive ATV. They use a side shaft engine with a centrifugal clutch and a drive belt, to a T-20 skidsteer transmission. That drives a series of chains which drive each side independently.

I picked it up for a couple hundred bucks because it had sat for around 10 years. It was obvious that it needed 2 tires at the the minimum. This one has a single cylinder 16hp briggs and stratton. All it really needed was a new carb, a battery, the points cleaned and the magneto re-gapped to fire up.

So far I have replaced the battery, chain tensioners, hand throttle, throttle cable, choke cable, fuel lines, shift links, the carburetor and drive belt. It’s a fun little turd but damn it’s rough ridding on dirt.

I plan to turn it into a mini snow cat by installing a set of custom made rubber tracks. I’ll be making the tracks out of used snowmobile tracks that I bought on Ebay. I will have to custom build tire guides since no one makes a kit. I haven’t decided if I want to go with aluminum or steel yet, but will probably go with aluminum since I want to build a cab and flat bed which I plan to build out of aluminum, to save weight.

There are a couple companies that build track kits. The Adair rubber track kits are pretty expensive ($2600 and up). The super track kits are cheaper ($1240) but are molded plastic and aren’t as good in crusted over snow or ice. The tracks I plan to build will be 2” wider than the super track kits, with the bolts used to secure the tire guides doubling as ice cleats. They should end up being 1/3-1/2 the cost of the Adair rubber track kits.

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Well, it’s 3am and I’m awake because my dogs were barking. Good thing because the wood stove almost went out and it’s supposed to be 25 degrees tonight.

I worked on the tracks yesterday. Finished one side up completely. I decided to remove the track clips and the 4 center drive lugs. It took roughly 15 seconds to cut each clip and 3-4 seconds for each drive lug. I didn’t count the track clips but I think there was around 50 on each track and around 200 drive lugs. It went much faster than I thought it would. It was incredibly messy though and my garage is a mess. I think it lightened up that track by about 10 pounds. Hopefully the track guides will be tall enough now.
I’m really close to completing these snow tracks! If I had went with my initial instinct instead of the easy route then they probably would’ve worked out the first time. But apparently I like to do shit 2 times…

So, I finished modifying all the tire guides today and determined the mounting locations. I put a few on and I feel pretty confident about them staying on the tires now. If I’m wrong and they don’t, I’ll be scraping the whole snow track idea snd selling the max. I’ll put the money towards a set of snow tracks for my Ford Ranger. And fixing up a snowmobile that I was given a few years ago.
Well thanks to my daughter, we got the tracks finished up and test drove it around the house. They didn’t walk off so I’ll take that win! But the damned spark plug went out again. Talked with a buddy and he recommended cleaning the ground cables. I don’t think I’ve cleaned them yet so hopefully that’s what’s been causing the plugs to go out. Otherwise I’m stumped on the cause.
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Well after dicking with the engine half of the day, I’ve decided that I’m just gonna pull this pos engine out and start working on the engine swap. I’m done with that shit bag engine.
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