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measuring for shock length

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OK...1st of all I did search :flipoff2: Found some good stuff but wanted to just see if my thinking was flawed or not.

Now that the Samurai is finally soa'ed etc I want to measure for the correct length shocks...ie ones that won't limit my travel. Now for extension I figure I can just hi-lift the side of the truck up till the wheels come off ground, measure that and thats at least as long as I want the shocks to be, that all make sense so far?

Now my real question is with the opposite side be as compressed as it would ever want to go or would/could there be more compression available? I'm just not sure if meauring the low side will give me the correct short length.

thoughts, answers, flames??? :)
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If your upper and lower shock mounts are already in place, then the extended measurement is of little use. Just get the compressed length required by ramping the rig, subtract a little (3/4" to 1") and establish this as the compressed length for the shock. Then refer to the shock catalog and select the longest shock that matches your compresses length number.

The extended length is a consequence......;)

OK, some will say that this could lead to the shocks max traveling on full extension. However, this is a relatively rare situation, only found on rigs with massive travel. Also, on a leaf sprung rig, the hanging weight of the axle is at least partially suspended by the springs, so the shocks won´t see the full pull of the axle weight.

On my coily Samurai, my shocks do in fact max travel on full twist. But full twist is a rare enough occurance for my wheeling that I have had no problems. Also, my suspension starts to bind at around this point, so the down travel velocity is dampened before the Ranchos come to their extended limit.

But I am looking into limiting straps, just the same.....:p
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