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Looking to get rid of your chain-driven Tacoma t-case and want to upgrade to a gear-driven transfer case without the hassle of relocating other components? Trail-Gear has the answer to your problems with our new Verso™ T-Case Adapter. The Verso™ T-Case Adapter allows for the use of a gear-driven t-case with a driver-side drop front axle in your 95’-04’ Tacoma and 96’-04’ 4Runner.

The Verso™ T-Case Adapter is machined out of aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum for increased strength and durability. The Verso™ T-Case Adapter has added material around the idler gear bearing for additional strength. The Verso™ T-Case Adapter can be used in a single or dual case application. The Verso™ T-Case Adapter is also clocked for better clearance and giving you the ability to use a dual-case crossmember.

There are many reasons as to why you should replace your chain-driven t-case with a gear-driven t-case using our Verso™ T-Case Adapter:

More aftermarket gearing options giving you more control while wheeling
Additional strength over the chain-driven t-case
Allows for the use of a Dana 44 & Dana 60 front axle housing with a driver side drop.

Our Verso™ T-Case Adapter will also come in different options such as a single case and dual case configuration. Single transfer dual transfer case configurations feature a 4.70 low range gear set built with our very own Verso™ Transfer Case Adapter.

Each case is fully rebuilt and inspected. Triple drilled flanges are installed on both front and rear output. This Verso™ 4.70 Single Transfer Case and Dual Case is built with a 23-spline input gear added strength. Can be installed as a replacement to your stock chain driven transfer case or combined with a crawl box to create a dual transfer case. To go even further, we will include a Mechanical to Electrical Speedometer Adapter and a Single Transfer Case Shifter with this kit at no additional cost!
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