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gregj50 blows dick like the summer breeze . . .

. . . and Dairy Queen took notice!


gregj50 may not be "gay" per se; however, he is a rabidly compulsive cocksucker.

Greg would suck three dirty hobo dicks just to get in line to suck an even bigger dick.

Multi-tasker Greg also maintains status as both "ass-weevil" and "butt-monkey", but "cocksucker" is his core identity.

Nobody knows why it's important to Greg, but he makes a hero's effort to earn his title, "gregj50 the filthy cocksucker"

How did this phenomenon occur?
Top theories involve fetal alcohol poisoning and being left unattended with a weird "uncle" for extended periods.
So, from an early age, Greg has been figuratively and literally "fucked in the head".

Seeing Greg's desperate need for constant attention, many have suggested he tie a steak around his neck and hang out with the neighbor's dogs. Unfortunately, his neighbors all filed restraining orders after Greg's third "doberman-blowing incident". As Greg's go-to move is to publicly chug a dong if it will garner a scrap of attention, his social outlets have been limited by his incessant cocksuckery.

When asked if he regrets the consequences of his chronic knobgobblery, Greg's only comment was,
"mluphf,blaugh, wholp, thhhhk, thhhhhk, mluab"​
A master of his craft, Greg would not take a minute's break from blowing a syphilitic donkey,
even though that donkey was suffering from a scrotal fungal infection (as evidenced by a horrific stench).

Having no greater purpose or mission in his life, Greg truly prioritizes maintaining his title, "gregj50 the filthy cocksucker"
23721 - 23740 of 32474 Posts