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I have not used either one of these in three years and I am sick of watching them collect dust.

The Triaxis is an all tube preamp and has version 2.0 software with NO phat mod. It worked great last time I used it. The LED display has a few segments that do not always come up (see first picture) but it does not effect how it sounds.

The Strategy 400 is a 400+ watt all tube poweramp. This thing really sings. Last time I used it (three years ago) it would occasionaly blow a fuse. I would just put a new fuse in it and keep playing.

As is, I am asking $1000 for both items. I have no problem shipping but due to the hassle I prefer to ship only to the 50 states. PM me if you have any questions.

Chances are if you are looking at this then you probably know what these are. I am not going into the critical specifications and details but you can get more info from www.mesaboogie.com
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