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Loco said:

This is a DAMN GOOD IDEA, I with more clubs/DNR representatives/Rangers would do something like this. A simple sign that explains WHY something is the way it is goes a long way to keeping people happy and following the rules. Especially when it is something they are *used* to doing. If I encounter a gate/trail blockage on a route that used to not have it.. I get a little pissed if I don't know why its there... I never know if its vandals, punks, eviro's or a valid work party/official action... A simple sign to say WHY and all is well. Especially something like this were its a TEMPORARY closure, that can lead to permanent closure if people don't take it seriously... Yes the signs will get torn down/shot up, make them economically and just replace them... eventually they will stay put... My personal opinion is that a little signage can go a long way to keeping the "un informed", but respectful/respectable wheelers doing "the right thing"

good job POR and RCRC!
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