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MFS KOH press release: $20,000 raised for land-use
Posted on 03.01.10 by camo

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Motorsport Fabrication Services of Lincoln promotes access and responsibility.Team sets industry standard for promoting pro-access organizations in the famed Griffin King of the Hammers race.

With two vehicles in the 2010 Griffin King of the Hammers race, Motorsport Fabrication Services (MFS) of Lincoln, California may not have won the race, but they insured that wheeled motorized access won big. With a race-a-thon lead by MFS and BF Goodrich driver Travis Carpenter in his 4405 "Land-use" race vehicle, MFS managed to raise nearly $20,000 for various land-use organizations.

Much like a walk-a-thon, for every mile made by Travis Carpenter and co-driver Dan Trout in the 4405 "land-use" race vehicle, individuals could pledge any amount per mile in the grueling 135 mile race. Pledges could be made to any land use organization of the contributor's choice.

Travis Carpenter managed 98 miles before a faulty fuel pump took him out of the 135 mile race. The second MFS vehicle, the 4407, managed to finish a respectable 28th. The biggest single contributors in the race-a-thon were the Tin Bender's 4x4 club, who pledged on their own vehicles in the race raising $5,500. 4 Wheel Parts Wholesalers matched the Tin Bender's pledges for a grand total of $11,000 to the Blue Ribbon Coalition raising more than half of the total amount collected.

Billed as the "toughest one day off road race on the planet," the Griffin King of the Hammers (www.kingofthehammers.com) has quickly become one of the biggest events in off-roading. With a mix of go-fast desert racing and hard-core rock crawling, the endurance race has attracted some of the most accomplished drivers in rock-sports competitions.

Motorsport Fabrication Services in Lincoln CA, (http://mfs-ca.com) is a full fabrication shop which builds and customizes many different types of vehicles, from hot-rods and rock-crawlers to daily drivers.

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