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More pics and info

Somebody needs to get this pile of dookie out of my yard and in to theirs. :cool2: The pile has a rod knock :mad: So, in a few weeks or days I'm pulling the t-case, axles with springs, radiator, wheels, driveshafts, and doors. Then the hog is going to the scrap yard. So, any of you freaks out there looking for misc Toy parts? All parts I'm removing will eventually be up for sale. Anything else/little things. . . make an offer. Better yet, make a lower offer and pull the parts yourself. :) Post what you are interested in, PM me your cash offers. FYI- axles will be sold as a pair. Wheels. . . not certain if I'm parting with them yet.

Specs: Clear Michigan Title, Carb'd 22R/G52/Top Shift t-case/Solid Front Axle 4.11s. 33x12.50x15 Bronco mud tires on 10" alum "Turbine" wheels. Tires have good tread depth, but IMHO are best left to trail only. Check here for more pics including all tires

Body. . .yea, it's kinda there. Frame looks decent in the back, if interested I can take more pics.


Reading other ads, here's what other parts sell for on the average. . .
22R/G52 $200-300, Top shift t-case $75-150, Rear axle $100-200, Front axle $100-300, wheels $100-200, scrapped body $40-80, misc parts for SAS conversion $50-100. Driveshafts, door glass, top glass, are good too.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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