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I'll start it off.

Looking for a set of 43" SX Sticky's w/ wheels. (longshot)
If I can't find those I need a set of 12 bolt beadlocks and 43"-47" tires.

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Heres what I need & what I have to trade

Looking to sell or trade my mud/offroad project... I have way to many projects and this one is eather going or sitting in a corner for a year or so..Would like it gone fast... Someone can get 1 hell of a deal for the right trade...

What it is... 93 Ranger long box,standard cab,very little rust mainly the drivers floor,has some dents... Sitting on a 79 Bronco frame & running gear.. all body mounts cut off & ready to be re welded to fit the Ranger,has front & rear axles,400,c-6.205

This a total 100% project & off road truck,no titles.. Might be able to get the Ranger one..$1200 OBO May be willing to finish it for you for the right price

Things Im looking for...
73 to 79 ford trucks... 4x4 F150 f250,73 to 79 Broncos... Running ,drivable,lifted a +,prefer auto, need a tow rig
Tires.. 38 to 42s.swampers,boggers,v treads, 15s & 16.5 s
built 460s,with auto
Rockwells with v treads or larger tires
dana 44 & 9 inches with gears & lockers

The right gun AR/AK

Just make some offers worst I can say is no

Heres all the pix I have online right now..


If pix dont work just ask

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Looking for a few things...

First a Samurai motor...prefer a 1.6 8V, but a 1.3 will be fine too as long as it runs!

Also...looking for a 35" MT or AT for a spare, needs to fit a 15" rim

And...looking for a 37" IROC for a 15" rim to use as a spare.

EDIT: Also looking for a set of suspension seats. I have a line on some new one's but wanted to see if anyone has any used one's laying around they would like to get rid of. Let me know, need the seats pretty bad. Thanks!!

Just let me know what ya got...thanks!!
1 - 20 of 824 Posts
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