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just as a note, verticle down is not reccomended. very easy to get cold welds (poor penetration) but thats another topic.

verticle up you need to turn the heat down a bit. what kind of joint are you running ? lap, t, single bevel, double bevel, butt?

most of them the usual way is to use a V pattern. start at the root of the weld and then pull out towards one edge, then return to the root. then back out towards the other edge. try and pause at the outside edges.

what you are trying to do is build a shelf each time. ya build up a little on one side and then move to the other and let it cool and solidify a bit before adding more on top.

overhead you need a little bit less wire feed. just drag the puddle, don't worry about manipulating it.

all welding positions other than verticle up should be able to be done in just a straight drag/push, no weave or pattern. the weave/pattern is just to create a larger weld / change appearance a bit. it won't really effect the strength of it, and some will argue that manipulating and getting a bigger weld will actually decrease strength, but that again is for another thread
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