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HI dodge guys!!!!!

so i was standing out in the backyard lookin at the weeds growing up through my m37 and daydreaming about it.

Seems as though there is no spot for my son in the jeep anymore if my wife wants to come to. Was thinking of a REAL quick, cheap build on the m-37 just for mild, CO sightseeing trails. Be super cool.

'53 m-37
orginal flathead motor, 12k miles :D

Needs (im sure it needs alot more but this is all i know offhand):
intermediate driveshaft
lower radiator hose
misc. wiring.

thoughts for build:
run the stock drivetrain.
weld the rear
open front, lockright maybe
1100r16s (will these fit with no lift?)
soften spring packs up a bit.

sound like a feasable easy, quick, fun sightseeing truck? Or am i out of my mind? It does run, I got it for free, and its just too cool to be sitting in my backyard when i really need a bigger truck to fit the family in.

Any info on this thing, parts sources etc. would be great too.


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Oh yeah those are cool, and very capable without much work; in stock form they built the Khyber Pass road ca. 50 years ago. The guy to talk to about them is Charles Aarons; haven't seen him on here in a while so you might want to email him. I love seeing stuff like this on the trail. :cool:
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