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Was at lowes buying stuff for my bathroom renovation project and made the obligatory trip through the tool section to find all Milwaukee tools are on clearance :D

Seems Milwaukee got bought by Rigid or something and will only sell to HD now(that's what the Lowe's manager told me).

The deals weren't that great except on the 4.5" grinder. The 8.5 amp model that retails for $99 was on clearance for 63.70. They only had the display model left and it was missing the handle and nut so they sold it to me for $45. I have the exact same grinder already, and almost always use the tool-less wheels, so I didn't care about not getting a second set of spacer/nut.

I already checked all the other Lowe's around here, and they're all cleaned out. I was gonna pick up another one or two for the future. :homer:

Thought you guys might appreciate the heads up.

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I got the $160 circular saw for $20 because it was the display model and was missing the bolt and flanges for the blade. I ordered them from a local tool center for $4.43 with the blade wrench. All the other tools I have are Milwaukee so it's nice to have a matching set. :D Kinda sucks that Lowe's isn't going to sell them anymore though, my dad works there and gets me smokin deals on stuff.
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