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Here is a 59 Power Wagon that I owned back in the early 80z and I sold it,I`m guessing about 93 or so.
About the first of July My Oldest Boychild stops by and tells Me He bought a pickup but We would need the trailer to go and get it so I hooked on and away We went,He would`nt give Me any details about the pickup other than "You`ll see".
Well,which direction do We need to go,"Out towards Kinsey" so away We went.
We got closer to the guys place that bought the Power Wagon and Kelly sais,there it is,Boy was I surprised,after We got it loaded and headed back to town He sais "Happy Birthday Dad". a even bigger surprise.
So,Now,I have it in the shop and got the engine removed,tore down,boiled,crank and heads redone but I need to get enough money to purchase the rings,bearings,gaskets etc. but it will run like it did when I owned it so many years ago,or even better.
I have some late 70s Harley engine timing side parts that I have sold and am waiting to get the funtickets from that sale,in the mail,and I`ll go and get the kit and get to going on it again.
Thats all.:D

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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