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Trying to clean out some stuff.

Most of this is from a 1974 FJ40.

Non USA distributor $50
Ignitor and coil $25

2F Fuel pump $10 F fuel pump $5

4Sp bellhousing and sheetmetal cover $25

50 Amp alternator $25
Valve cover $25

Fan, fan clutch,pulley $10

Flywheel 2F (6 equally-spaced clutch bolts) $10

1pair windshield hinges $10

Sound windshield frame $20 sold

2F air cleaner $35

4 core radiator $50

Cagle fuel pressure regulator (vacuum controlled, works great, no longer made) $20 sold

and probably a mess of other things, too, so if you need something small, ask.

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Radiator dimensions

It's a standard FJ40 set of tanks and mounting flange, with a 4-row core instead of the factory three row core.

The core dimensions are approximately 3" thick, 17" high, 20" wide. The tanks add 2" each top top and bottom, the bottom tank tapers to 1" on the drivers side 10" in from the passenger side. The mounting flanges are 1 1/8" wide on each side.

The inlets//outlets are approximately 1 3/8" diameter, passenger side bottom, drivers side top.
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