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Parts off 74 FJ40 unless otherwise stated.
Located near Auburn, CA- rather not ship.
Pictures available on request-

-For SUA FJ40 with standard saginaw power steering- Large pattern arms (from mini), mini tie rod, short drag link (disclaimer- modified by me so trail use only-but strong as bull), 3 inch drop pitman arm, all mini tre's except GM to pitman- $100

-Short drag link for saginaw conversion- NEW- $20

-Set of nuckles, hubs, drum brakes (good cylinders)- $30

-Tie rod (strait-only used a couple years) with good ends and second for trail spare only- $50

-Pair of stock birfields, course- $20

-4 speed trany (year ?)- $100

-Add a leaf, long with a couple inches trimmed off, 2- $20

-2.5 in lift springs, skyjacker, 2.5 in wide, used on front of FJ40, SUA- $50

-Early (course spline) rear FJ40 axles- $20

-U-bolt flip for SUA, MAF, with rear shock pins, 2 rubicon runs- SOLD
-FJ55, 4 in lift rear springs, MAF, 2 rubicon runs- SOLD
-Tow bar with hardware, mounted but never used- SOLD
-83 truck front housing with stock? third- SOLD
-83 truck front inner axles (stock)- SOLD
-75 Honda trail 90, not running, with partial parts bike, custom trailor hitch- SOLD!!
-BFG AT, 33x12.5x15 on 15x10(8?) aluminum 6 on 5.5, tires have good tread but the rubber is weatherd, probably best for trail or shop, 4- SOLD

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Trail 90 SOLD!

Guy just hauled it off- like selling part of the family but I had to do it, very sad.

Would have liked you to have it, you gave me the 203 stuff..
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