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Turbo 400 3spd forward pattern, SS sprag, Clutches, the whole works...1100 HP Dynoed twice then had to sell Car..Asking $750..Need to Sell..Also 3000+ Hughes Stall Converter SFI app....$50... Flex plate $200....B&M Pro Stick with polished T-Handle w/button, Neutral Safety Switch and reverse light switch already installed $200..will sell seperately as priced or $1100 as a Package.I also have some Dart 202 Heads (intake 2.02,exhaust 1.60, 7 16ths screw in studs,guide plates, ported intake and exhaust ports) $800..Moroso Deep oil Pan w/driver side dipstick, reusable oil Pan Gasket, high flow oil pump,oil pump shaft, and a moroso oil pan Baffle...$200...Need to sell all this..Will negotiate....All this stuff is in like new condition..Located in Austin Texas...Email me with Questions... [email protected]
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