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Slowly cleaning out the parts pile of stuff I don't need and just trying to clear up some room. Will update as I find more stuff and will get pictures posted ASAP. If its listed in a line item it all goes together. Shipping is on your dime. I can drop off parts around the Raleigh area or along 85 between RDU and Charlotte when my schedule allows.

IFS Toyota Steering Box with tie rod/drag link using 5/8 heims - $75
IFS Toyota Steering Box with stock pitman arm - $75
IFS Toyota outer hub assemblies with brake rotors and calipers. Rotors, calipers and pads have maybe 1000 miles on them - $150
Stock samurai axles - open, complete front and rear hub to hub/drum to drum with rollers and stock steering box, tie rod and drag link. - 300
Stock 88 Samurai front sway bar - $25
Samurai front driveshaft - $40
Samurai mid shaft between trans and case - $40
Dark blue samurai drivers door, a few dents, no door panel, busted lock, good glass, hinges and side mirror - $40
(4) Stock Samurai springs - $20 each or $60 for all 4
(2) dark blue Samurai fender flares - $10 each
(4) faded red Samurai fender flares - $10 each
Dark blue Samurai tailgate, latch works - $50
Stock Samurai roll bar - $40
Dark blue Samurai targa bar, one small dent above drivers head - $50
Samurai 1.3 ignition coil - $10
Samurai drivers side inner and outer fender, black - $40
Samurai passenger side inner and outer fender, black - $40
Samurai heater core and blower motor - $40

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