Cleaning out the garage and need to free up some space:
Front 79-85 axle housing, has diff armor and gussets - $150
Trail gear power flow p/s pump, reservoir, cooler and hoses for a 22re - $350
4cyl diff with 5.29 and Detroit, pinion dust shield a little dinged but still fully functional, gears and locker look fairly new - $600
22re short block, cylinders have light rust but was rebuilt not too long ago by yota1 - $150
Trail gear high steer drag link and tie rod with fj80 rod ends - $200
Rear trail gear 4 inch leaf springs with shackles - $300
Brand new trail gear dual t-case crossmember for tacoma with hardware and brackets - $350
Front longfield short side shaft 30 spline - $95
22re distributor from an 87, came out of running truck - $185
22re igniter came out of running truck - $185
Front u-bolt flip kit probably trail gear - $50
1st gen taco/3rd gen 4runner front diff with add, 4.10 gears - $85
L52 4wd 5 speed transmission, seemed to shift ok but unknown other than that - $make an offer
Misc 22re stuff not sure what all I have but a bunch of stuff in boxes, just ask I may have it…
I’ll update list as I go through my garage, I’m also looking for a locker for a 9.5 Land Cruiser diff and 23 spline 4cyl t-case inputs, thanks for looking. Make an offer on anything I really need the space in my garage.