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88 LWB 2wd renix 4.0 AX15 D35 3.07

In decent condition. needs grill, two front fenders, and tail gate. the interior is Ok but needs new carped and a good cleaning. Also the pasenger door is locked and wont unlock or open, lastly the AX15 needs rebuilt (third gear is broken in the case)

I was given this when my grandpa past and alway wanted to build it but dont have time due to my other three builds. I drove it about 10000 miles but parked it when the trany went last year.

For $2500 I will give you a brand new in box super lift 4" rock runner kit NP231, TJ LP30 3.73 and 35x12.5R15 cooper stt's

for $4000 I will give you the above with an XJ HP30 with 4.56's, TJ D44 rear with 4.56 and e-locker and a TF 727 4wd from FSJ with TQ conv. and fly wheel
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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