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Ok, I'm up at the shop trying to knock out a huge list of tasks and my welder is f-ing up on me :mad3:

What I think is happening is the wire is jamming up in the liner and the feed rollers then push the whole gun out of the unit. I've tried tigthening the gun holder wingnut as tight as I can, and it still pushes it out. If not, it just balls up the wire in the unit. I pulled the liner out and there was an ever so slight kink in it. I bent it back and wrapped some tape around it to help stiffen it to see if that would fix it, but it doesn't seem to be jamming up where the kink is anyway(kink is near the unit, but the wire doesn't jam up until it's almost at the end of the gun).

I fooled with it a bit more and the liner appears to be in perfect shape on the outside, but when I try to fish a piece of wire through it by hand it goes very smoothly until it gets about 1/2-2/3 of the way in and then it gets VERY stiff. I pulled the wire back out and measured it to see where in the liner it is and that part of the liner looks absolutely perfect on the outside. I'm stumped.

Any ideas/suggestions? There are no welding supply houses open on the weekends here, so I'm really dead in the water if I can't get this back up and running again.


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