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I live in MN and go to school in CO and need to get my sammy here! I would drive home and get it but i drive a lifted duramax with 37 inch toyo open country mt tires and 22s I dont want to be putting all those miles on expensive tires..
my sammy is set up for flat towing and i would be willing to meet you near CO im about 3 hours outside of denver.
I have no idea what it would cost to ship it. But since its all set for flat towing i thought someone would be making the drive.
I have a condo in Aspen which could be worked into the deal for a week vacation? Its nothing fancy but its 3 bedroom 2 bath tv room and kitchen and the location cant be beat for skiiers... its 20 feet away from the lifts.
Let me know!!!
would like to have it here as soon as possible.
Also could have someone meet you in the MN area.
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