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i have a guy offering me a package deal for my axles, xfer case, and engine. He said he'll give me 500 for it all. I have the turdy and turdy five w/ 4.10s open, the NP 231 (21 spline count not 23) and the 2.5L 4cyl. Everything works/runs well with no extra noises. The entire system has less than 70,000 miles on it. It has seen offroad use in the mud and a few rocks, but has always been cleaned (at least underneath) afterwards. I've kept the engine well and the PO (who was also first owner) claimed to have changed the oil every three months. Only had 50k when i had it and it was 10 yrs old. I don't know if the engine is worth more than that or not. I was figuring around 200 for the axles together, 100-150 for the 231, and had no idea for the engine. Ya'll think i should ask him for more? and to head off the q....i already sold the ax-5 to someone else.

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I sell this crap on ebay all the time:

This is what I usually get
200-300 for axle set (because they are an easy 4:10 upgrade)
100-300 for the engine
300 for the tranny and 200-300 for the tcase

I get 100-200 for the engine wiring harness with computer as well.

Your stuff is more on the top of that range because of the low miles...
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