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I bought my rig because I owned one like it in Alaska. It was a 67 f40 and I took it everywhere--up rivers, over mountains, through swamps. I had a ball with it. I then traded it in for my first airplane and started spending real money.

I don't do mechanical work myself anymore--the result of 13 airplane crashes. It is too hard for me to do that kind of manual labor now, but I still had a love affair with my old 67 f40. I bought the rig for $1500. Since then I have spend an additional $13,500 for: 1) Stripped entire rig to bare metal, reprimer and paint, complete original engine rebuild (having second thoughts about not coverting to v8), completly new wiring harness and electrical system, rebuilt transfer case, new 8,000lb winch, new tires, brake work (still sucks)and a bunch of incidentals. $14,000 is alot of money but I paid $16,000 for my first set of airplane floats in 1973--so it is all relative. I figure I have about another $5,000 to invest to get it where I want it..brake coversion, vacumn system, windshield wipers.

I would have been smarter to buy a late '70's f40, but it would not have been the same. I can look this rig and remember the time I took one like it up to our homestead on the Artic Circle and I had to explain to Sixgun that even though it was Easter, the six dead bunnies lying at his feet were not the Easter Bunny. You guys are investing in your own memories and not pieces of expensive iron.

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