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The (V6) Raider I recently picked up has a shot engine (like, not easily rebuildable) so I need to do something about that.

Gen 1 Monteros are pretty scarce around here, but there are a ton of cheap Montero Sports with the 3.0 in them. From what I gather, most of those are 6G72 SOHC 24v (its difficult to find the year cut-offs for the different 6G72 variants, so correct me if I'm wrong about it being 24v).

In any case, any issues with dropping the Montero Sport 3.0 into my Gen 1? Does it have the same oil pan and/or will my Gen1 oil pan swap over? Any other issues with it, assuming I pull the wiring and ECU from the donor vehicle?

Other option is 6G74 and I've read the build threads with those, but later Monteros around here cost more than is really worth it for the engine, while I can find early Montero sports pretty cheap.

Any advice is welcome. I've been digging around this forum for weeks now but am finding some conflicting information, etc.
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