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Monty tapping at start up.

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About to buy a 91 5 door RS with the 3.0l and auto.
Guy just put in a remanufactured engine, says the tapping sound is caused by the air temp sensor not working right and making an injector or something tap, as it runs it calms down, shut it off and restart and the tapping starts as well.
I still want to buy it but worry about what I'm being told.
Easy fix or something wrong here ?

Thanks and hope to show you guys my new to me ride after I modify it so I can drive, paralyzed and in a wheelchair so I need hand controls in it first. Not needing to get out and lock the hubs will be nice, and I keep reading this is a good truck. Just don't want to get stuck with a problem here.
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No one has a clue ?
Can I replace the temp sensor for a reasonable price ?
Usually it's a sticky valve adjuster (Hydraulic) in a Mitsubishi if the sound is coming from the top end of the engine. Can't see a temp sensor causing any noise.

Sometimes, you can get them to bleed out and quiet down, but often you need to replace them. Often a "discount" rebuilder will reuse them. If the noise never goes away, if you can isolate the bank of the engine with the noise, you can pull the valve cover and inspect for a worn cam lobe.

Mitchell time to remove the rocker shafts is 3.1 hours labor on the left bank, 2 hours on the right bank. Rocker arms hold the tensioners.

Mitsubishi Technical Service Bulletin # 99-11-006 shows how to clean them with diesel fuel. They need to be removed for cleaning.

TSB 91-11-009 and TSB 95-011 explain how to try to bleed them while they are still in the engine.

TSB 97-11-002 gives diagnosis info

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It's a pretty normal issue, the problem is the hole for oiling on the early models is very small. Later models had a larger oiling hole that helped alleviate the clatter. There is a procedure for helping that covered in the Factory service manual. I agree there is no way a sensor is the cause of that clatter. If that is your issue with the truck, your doing great!

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The 91 3.0l v6 doesn't have the hydrologic VLA setup does it ? If not then maybe it just needs a valve latch checked ?
Is their any harm to run it like she is ?
No, the hydraulic adjusters just take up the slack in the valve train, they slip into the valve end of the rocker arms. They slip into the rocker arm hole seen in the picture.

Part image
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Ok I've learned a lot the past weeks.
It's still driving me crazy, no matter how long it's run and all hushed up, the second you shut it off and turn it back on it taps all over again. Lol
Cant take it apart and replace the adjusters just yet.
Is it ok to run it as is ?
I'm sure you've been driving it since you've got the hand controls in it. The lifter tapping has been addressed in the Factory Service Manual. It's available for free download at mitsubishilinks.com. are you on the Montero fb page?
MMUSA Facebook Groups

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Sorry, yes you can drive it, no it won't hurt it. Probly gakked up lifters by the PO, not allowing oil to get thru them properly.

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Looking to get some U Joints, found out the front and rear are different sizes. Ok cool ill order a set.. but what size are they by chance ?
Anyone know ? Any std size or some kind of Metric only ?
And no, not driving it, put 6 miles on it so far and 4 of that was from the gas station home. Lol
Got to get a tag and insurance, and for me to get my driver's license again beings i only have Fl I.D.
Little money so im putting what i can into the truck for now, wheel bearings and seals, rotors and pads, looking to get shocks next month.
I live on disability, so im a broke bitch. Lol
Nice looking rig.

Hola from the Wire...rxinhed
Thanks man. Its coming along. Wire wont let me load pics unless resized.
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