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Mopar EFI.

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I am thinking about installing a Mopar EFI kit on my 258. Everyone i have talked to says it is more than worth it. My YJ is having some emission problems and I'd like to get rid of that and add some horse power, torque and of course, get better gas mileage. Who here has done it? Is it worth it? Are there better setups than Mopar out there? I want to cover all the bases before I commit to anything this expensive, which raises another question; where can I get a good price on a kit? Thanks in advance for any advice and comments.

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for the price of that kit you can get a whole low mile 4.0L H.O. engine.
I have the MOPAR kit on my 90YJ, money well spent. It comes with stickers for the hood which give you the go ahead for smog. If you are planning to keep your motor and it is not tired, go for the EFI kit. Do not worry about the other kits, because smog is an issue.
On the other hand, if your motor is tired, or you just want to build a bada$$ motor, get a newer XJ 4.0 from a junkyard. Use the block, head, FI and computer from the new motor with your old rods and crank from your 258. Do some research, cause there is some really good stroker tech out there. The 99 and newer XJ motor has a much better intake manifold than the mopar kit, and with the motor stroked to fit your crank and rods, you will have a serious torque motor. If you do the research, you will definitely spend at least twice as much as you planned, but you will have 10X's the pride.
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I've got the mopar fi and love it (head and shoulders above carb'd in all respects). However, I did mine back in the day when the kit was new (first one sold in Canada) and before 4.0's were so easy and cheap to come by. If I was to do it today, I'd definitely go for a stroked 4.0 HO swap.

edit: some good stroker info http://www.bc4x4.com/tech/bryce/stroker/stroker.cfm
I have a 258 block with a 4.0 head and system...it works very well. I had a 4.0 which blew up, and Rokmycj was kind enough to give me his old TIRED 258. I slapped it together an put it in and the motor runs strong and good....probly better than it did when Joe had it.

Oh yeah.....hey Joe...... :flipoff2: :p
gripguru said:

Wow :eek: That sounds steep ... I've seen quite a few solid 4.0 HO's go complete with harnes etc for around 1K Canuck bucks around here. Mebbe I need to get into the export biz :D

You just got me thinking today. Damn you:flipoff2:
LOL ... U welome :flipoff2:

Keith - you have a 258 with 4.0 fi? What did you use for timing and rpm signals etc?

Rob (got a hankering fo a stroker ;0)

'wonder how long it takes for that line to get ripped apart :0)
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