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okay, i'm looking on more info with regards to timing and advance for a 2F. it's a 78, desmoged, running stock (rebuilt) aisin carb, headers, and stock dizzy. i've been fiddling with the idle mix and speed and idle advance. i have the idle at around 700 or so, the timing 7 btdc (bb on the mark at idle) ok so far.
i wanted to see if the vac advance was working properly, so i sucked on a piece of tubing to see if i could advance the timing. no go. no advance at all on the timing light sucking by mouth. attached the tubing to the other vac port on the advancer, no change. WTF

i'm going to make some assumptions here, let me know how wrong i am.....

1 the inner vac port on the dizzy is for advance, the outer is for retard??? ( the inner was attached to the vac port on the base of the carb. there is another vac line attached to the top part of the carb, which led nowhere) the outer port on the dizzy was plugged.

2 i've noticed a lot of pinging, i've gone to 87 octane (was running 91 $$$$) pinging is due to timing being too far advanced, right? if the vac advance doesn't work, why the pinging???

what are my options? i know that vac advance units are impossible to get. i would like to just swap out the dizzy for a replacement toyota one if possible...non-usa??

:mad: help!!!
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