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I found that kit last night but mine is a '76 and that says 78-97 so I wasn't sure if it would work. Either way, seems like I have the rear figured out. Now, I can get those SkyJacker 9" lift springs for the front which should get me close to level, if not, I can always get a 1"-2" coil spring spacer I guess. Other than shocks, what else am I going to have to mess with?

here is what I am planning on so far:

SkyJacker 179 coil springs (9" lift)
Probably move the coil spring buckets down a few inches
Sky shackle flip kit 4.5"~ added to the 6" already (maybe some shackles to add another 1" or 2"?)
shocks, I don't know can't find anything for more than 9" lift.

I am wanting a total of 12" suspension lift.
Drivelines, brake lines,radius arm brackets,panhard bar brackets, drop steering, etc.....
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