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The Motobilt GM 14 bolt heavy duty pinion guard is the perfect way to protect your pinion yoke and drive shaft! Read more below.

The Motobilt GM 14 bolt heavy duty pinion guard is laser cut from 3/8" thick steel plate. Not only is the guard 3/8" thick but so is the ring that bolts to the pinion support also. The guard is cnc bent and welded by hand right here in America!

This guard will work on most full floating gm 14 bolt rear axles. Its purpose is to protect the pinion yoke, U joint, and straps from getting damaged off road.

We also did away with the long shovel like tip that others use as not only will that most likely bend up it just digs into the dirt and mud like a plow.

We also added 2 large slots to help with cleaning out the guard so dirt and debris can easily be washed out after a long day of wheeling.

The guard Includes:

1 full welded Pinion guard assembly

(6) 7/16 x 1.5" hex bolts with lock washers
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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