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Motobilt Project: 1 Ton LS V-8 TJ[URL="https://www.motobilt.com/blog/projects/motobil

See the full build by clicking here!

A brand new project is in the works at Motobilt Head Quarters. *An LS powered Jeep TJ on 1 ton axles and 42? tires. *Our customer brought us this really clean TJ that he had already swapped in a 5.3 LS V-8. *He requested the usual hard core off road gear like the 1 ton axles, coil overs, and full hydraulic steering. *His stipulation though was it needed to have a low center of gravity even with the huge tires, and work flawlessly. *So the build list for this low slung LS powered beast of a TJ began:Jeep Tj 4 link kit

Jeep TJ back half kit

GM 14 bolt axle race truss

78/79 Ford Dana 60 axle truss and full hydraulic steering ram mount

42? Pitbull Rockers

Motobilt fuel cell

We started by stripping the frame of the axles, spring mounts, and other non essential parts.

Next we started on the Motobilt back half kit. *This kit allows you to remove the rear section of the frame completely in order to make room for coil overs and to move the rear axle further back.

We cut the frame where the upward curve begins. *This will allow us to slide on the first part of the Motobilt Jeep TJ back half kit. *The new frame rail sections come welded and ready to slide over the frame rails.

The next step to was to mock up the long straight frame rail sections and rear bumper. *

This TJ has a 1.5? body lift so we didn’t have to cut the tub much but you can see where we notched the body just below the tail gate. This kit will work with no body lift but you will need to cut more in this area.

You can clearly see how the frame has moved further up and no longer dips down in the back. This means when we move the rear axle back we will have the necessary room, while allowing us to keep the Jeeps height as low as possible.
On the inside of the long straight frame rails there is body mount tab with hole. This lines up with the factory body mount in the middle of the cross member.

See the full build by clicking here!
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