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Motohome - a bike as a camper

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I dindnt know where to put this bike based caravan setup at pirate4x4. I did read about today at facebook - and was so in love, that I had to wrote an article about this project :)

A minimalist motorhome based on a motorcycle - a refreshingly different approach for once (at least for me ^^ )

If I were a little smaller, I'd definitely consider something like this for a solo adventure.

Motohome an Bike RV Camper

The Article is also available in German Language: Panamericana mit dem Motorrad-Wohnmobil

I hope we get to follow Jeremy on his journey soon! I'm looking forward to seeing how the expansion proves....

The project seems to be online since 2018. I did wrote to jeremy, hope to get an update too!

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Seems like a lot of weight up high and too far to the rear. I’d pack a sleeping bag and sleep in that. Find a picnic table to sleep on or a nice shady area of grass or fluffy dirt.
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