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Must Sell Asap!

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Im really hard up for money and need to sell some things fast for rent:

22 short Beretta 1 clip and a leather holster + ammo. Normally sells for
$250-300 in shops used (+ transfers-$85)
ASKING $200. Name change is $35
Husquevarna (sp?) model 55 Rancher. Year 1998. Bar: 20 inch (Fair condition)
Husquevarna model 345. 16 inch bar. Year 2000 (EXCELLANT condition)
ASKING $250 for both. Both run great. Extras: Chain, files, bar
and chain oil, 2 stoke oil )
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rusted said:
DAmn you can't ship? I would take both chainsaws right now if you can ship.
I'd actually take one if you'd ship too. I need one.
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