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For sale is a white '85 Mustang GT T-top with a primer grey '90 front clip located east of Phoenix, AridZona.

It is a ROLLING CHASSIS only ... it HAD a 5.0 and a 5 speed, no pedals.

I was informed by the PO that this is an Original AZ car and has only a few very small areas of SURFACE rust ONLY as far as I have found.

INCLUDED in this deal is a set of Shorty Headers, Off Road H-pipe, a pair of 2 chamber Flowmasters, an extra tail light, a couple radiators w/fan shrouds, an extra driver's seat, and a driveshaft.

If I should find anything else to include I will EDIT this post.


I am ASKING $500 as she sits ... will consider offers and shipping if you set it up.

PICS available on request via email

Thanks for your interest! :smokin:
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