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Well Ive finally decided to start on my old project truck I've had laying around for over 4 years now. Its a 1977 Dodge W200 club cab long bed. 440 ci 727 torque flight, Np203, 44hd,60. The truck is fairly clean and has some rust on it mainly the floors rockers and back side of the front fenders. Nothing major at all. the rest of the body is straight as an arrow! Plans are for a daily driver that I can wheel and use as a truck still. Sticking with leaf springs for now. and going with about a 38 15.50 tire. This is not a hardcore project more of a restoration with some minor improvements :flipoff2: Heres the parts list and a few pictures of what I am starting with. I hope y'all enjoy it though. btw I am 18 and a freshman in college so money is limited so it will be a slow build but done right and not hacked together. Please share your knowledge with me and give some suggestions for my parts list (things you wouldn't use or I should add) Thanks!

Rebuild kit .30,.40 pistons -795.00 –summit racing
Comp cams magnum 282s camshaft- 150 – summit racing
Comp cams magnum timing sets 50 – summit racing
Mopar performance dual plane Intake manifold – 225 – Summit Racing
Skyjacker 8 inch all spring lift- 1062 – Rocky mountain suspension
Skyjacker Shocks 36 a piece x 4 – 144 – RockyMountainSuspension or summitracing
OFF Road Design Crossover Steering for D60- 554 – for d44- 440= Off Road Design
Wheels and Tires
Wheels Summit Racing 164 Series- 126 x4 – 504- Summit Racing
Tires Nitto Mud Grapples 385/70/16 368 x4- 1472
Nifty Products carpet kits- 140- Summit racing
Summit racing Ultra Heat and Sound deadening Mats – 155
Repaint- 700-1200
Total = 6137!
All of the valve train ( valve springs, Lifters, pushrods etc…)
Whether to get a D60 right away or stick with the 44 for the time being to fund other items.
Stereo Equipment
Front driveshaft
Dealing with the dual Gas tanks ( gotta take one of them out)

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yea, or find the correct forum. cause this aint it! i suggest: http://ramchargercentral.com/ you will be much more well recieved there. here you might as well put your flame suite on. because, there is nothing hardcore about that truck. read: http://pirate4x4.com/forum/showthread.php?t=512783 its the first post at the top of the dodge section. you know, the one that says "read this before posting".

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I agree on the stiff 8 inch spring pack and will be doing what you suggested to save the cash for a doubler just got a lead on the adapter and a 205 to do it with and a dana 60 for the front with 4.56s in it already. also pretty sure Im going to shorten the bed a bit. its too long so a small bob job is in order. gonna take some out of the front of the bed and the rear of the bed to keep it looking proportional.also thinking about doing a small boat side to it nothing huge but completely cutting the rotten rocker out. Might have a lead on a 14 bolt with 4.56s in it already to replace the rear 60. So pretty much making this a little more hardcore I just can't resist. After I get the motor rebuilt doubler in and the axles and driveline taken care of Ill save some money up and get some alcan springs made more this thing so it'll flex a bit better than the skyjacker spring. goal is 4-6 inches on 38s and some fender trimming.
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