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As the current King of the Hammers, I would like to ask everyone on Pirate to help me fight to keep our public lands open to the public.

The Obama Administration is considering using the Antiquities Act to grab 13 million acres of public and private lands in 11 western states as National Monuments without any public input. He is considering putting Monuments in Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.

Many of these lands have 4x4 trails on them, and the Antiquities Act allows the President to establish National Monuments on those lands which would take away our access.


STEP 1: Click on the following link to go to BRC's Rapid Response Center.
http://www.sharetrails.org/rapid_response/ and in the "Contact Lawmakers"
box type your zip code and click GO. Click on your representative's name
and then click on the Contact tab to locate their phone number or e-mail.
Follow the same steps for each senator.

STEP 2: When you call or e-mail, use the talking points below to help make your point.
Be brief and polite, but make sure the staff person understands you OPPOSE
new National Monuments.

What to say:
The Obama Administration is considering using the Antiquities Act to designate National Monuments on 13 million acres of public and private lands in 11 western states.
I am asking you to go on record as opposing any unilateral monument designations by the Administration. Also, I want you to sponsor or co-sponsor legislation that requires Congressional review of Antiquities Act proclamations. This process should also allow for State and local government as well as public input before any designation takes place.
Given the economic crisis our nation is in today, this is not a good use of my taxes.
Thank you for allowing me to express my concern.



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Congress.org enables elected officials to hear from you. Now we'd like to know what you are hearing from them! If you have a response to one of your messages from an elected official that you would like to share, please email it to [email protected]

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Way to use your position for our common good. :beer: to the King!


MT4Runner said:
I am respectfully and vehemently asking you to go on record as opposing any National Monuments being unilaterally designated on 13 million acres of public and private land in Montana and 10 other western states.

This is an egregious misuse of the Antiquities Act; this land grab does not benefit our common good, and will be at the immediate detriment of our current economic crisis. I oppose the use of my tax dollars being used to lock away our Federal public land.

I urgently request that you sponsor or co-sponsor legislation rquiring Congressional review of Antiquities Act proclamations--and ask that any proclamations be reviewed individually, and not en masse like that atrocious Omnibus Federal Lands bill last year.

Our State and local Governments and local citizens must have a say in any such designations--please do not allow Washington DC big government to dictate our lives in Montana. The Federal Government exists and serves at the will of the States and the People--not the other way around.
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