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I swapped out my '93 Dana 30 with an '87 Dana 30. THe axle shafts are slightly different between the two, as well as the rotor's and calipers.

The '87 shafts do not have studs, so I used my '93 shafts and rotors. I discovered the '93 rotors are slightly wider than the '87 rotors.

So, I used the '93 axles, and '93 rotors, and the '87 calipers. The new pads on the wider rotors were tight, but there was a gap, and they were not rubbing.

I put the wheels on, bled the system, and now the front brakes are slightly applied. You can turn the front wheels if you push them with some moderate effort, but there is no free spin at all. If you roll the jeep it slows the jeep down quickly.

Why is this happening? If I can find new studs for the '87 shafts I'll put them in with the '87 rotors. I don't know why it'd make a difference though.

Thanks for any help! I need to figure this out so I can make it to work and school!
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